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Lady Eve’s have been taking brownies to another level. I have been receiving some of their products to try a couple of times ago and their brownies have just become a favorite of mine! If you are a big chocolate-fan, you definitely will love this!

The cake comes with nice packaging and my mom thought that it was a fashion product! I wasn’t at home for a couple of days, and my mom (who receive the package) didn’t know that these were brownies. She didn’t put it in the fridge, but it turns out the brownies are still in good quality even though it was not stored in the fridge for a couple of days.

The first one I tries was the Rum Raisin Chocolate Brownies. On the packaging, it was written ‘reheat in microwave 30second before serving’, so I follow the instructions. Oh my …… it was choco-heaven! The chocolate was half melted and it tasted even better! The excellent mixture of bitter and sweet flavor from chocolate and rum. Compared to usual brownies that were cakey in textures (crumbly but moist), this was very dense, almost like eating fudge. Addictive!

The second one is Passion Fruit Cream Cheese Brownies. This one is also had intense chocolate flavor, but also had tangy Passion Fruit flavor. I barely can taste the cream cheese though, because the passion fruit flavor are more strong. But it’s still good!

The other flavors that you can try :
– Brandy – Black Forest Brownies Dark Chocolate cream filling with dark cherry infused in cherry brandy
–  Irish – Coffee Cream Brownies Milk chocolate  filling mix with butter and Irish Cream
–  Salted Caramel Brownies sea salt caramel and milk chocolate cream filling
– Vanilla Crème Brulee Brownies French classic dessert with combination  vanilla Madagascar  and caramel
– Milk Chocolate Truffle Brownies Classic Creamy and  velvety Chocolate cream
– Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies Mixture of selected Raspberry fruit reduction and cream cheese
– American Cheese Cake Brownies Famously American cheesecake base filling with mild flavor of lemon
– Apple Crumble Brownies Apple and cinnamon filling with  crumble on top

Salted Caramel or Irish Coffee Cream Brownies sounds interesting, right? Looking forward to tasting that one 😉 Last word, thanks to Lady Eve Patisserie for sending me some of your products and wish you all the best!

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