Cookies Hampers – Soft Cookies & Cookies Bomb & Mixed Cookies


Start from Rp 220.000 - Rp. 330.000


10 cm x 20 cm & 22 cm x 22 cm

Box with 6 pcs of soft cookies. Each cookie weight 50 gr. Size box 10 cm x 2
Box with 4 pcs of cookies bomb, cookies with filling. Size box 10 cm x 20 cm
And mixed 3 soft cookies & 3 cookies bomb. Size box 22 cm x 22 cm

Soft cookies flavor
Soft Chocolate Cookies, Soft Coconut Brown Sugar Cookies, Soft Dark Chocolate Cookies, Soft Milk Chocolate Caramel Cookies, Soft Salty Crumb Dark Chocolate Cookies, Soft Vanilla Cookies.

Cookies Bomb flavor
Cookies Bomb Biscoff, Cookies Bomb Nutella, Cookies Bomb Ovomaltine, Cookies Bomb Peanut Butter