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Hello foodies! If you follow me on Instagram you must know that recently I often post chocolate dessert with #cacaobarryindo #unboxingcreativity and #puritybynature. Yes, I do a campaign for Cacao Barry, one of the most well-known chocolate brand that many cafes, restaurants, and hotels used for their creation. I’m also chosen as one of their tasting panels, to try many desserts which use the newest Cacao Barry’s collection: Ocoa, Alunga, and Inaya! More info about it you can check my previous blog, HERE. So now, I’m going to share my experience at one of cake shop that using Cacao Barry chocolate, Lady Eve Patisserie.

Lady Eve Patisserie is a very interesting cake shop because they haven’t actually opened their own shop, their first physical store will open on 21st May 2017. They start as an online business and I’ve always known since the beginning that they have a very big passion in this area. They always create good desserts with all their heart and love. I’ve tried their Brownie before and I agree that they have one of the best brownies ever! When I say brownie it means “real” brownie that flour-less and very chocolaty! Enough for their brownie cause I have something bigger than a brownie.

So, I got invited to try some of their cake before they officially opened for public soon. THIS IS TOTAL HEAVEN FOR PASSIONATE CAKE LOVERS!! All of their cake looks so pretty yet delicious. A part of me just can’t wait to try while the other part finds it hard to eat these beautiful dishes. I can say their cake is an interpretation of women’s gorgeousness, they love to add flowery accent to their cakes and the aroma was so amazing
They used Cacao Barry chocolate in a great way. Making a recipe that doesn’t just give a good taste but also many textures. That’s why here you won’t ever a plain texture, you can feel multiple textures in one bite and the various tastes that combined really well.
Have you ever heard about flour-less cake? They create an almost no-flour cake! It called “Mr.Grant” it’s a cake based with Ocoa 70% by Cacao Barry, mixed berries fruit coulis, Inaya 65% Blackcurrant and Hibiscus Tea with Cassis Puree, Alunga 41% Crunchy Biscuit and Chocolate Cremeux. Many elements with a different texture, taste, and character, all combined in one cake that makes it so special for me. Especially when the chocolate meets sourness of berry that is a lovely touch. I absolutely recommend this cake. “Mr.Grant” is very enjoyable and you can eat it many slices without getting bloated.
Personally, I always love chocolate meets sweet and sour fruit like berry and of course passion fruit! The natural taste of passion fruit is very sour but we (Indonesian) often enjoy it as syrup and it’s sweet but actually they very sour. So it’s passion fruit Alunga 41% Chocolate Ganache Insert, Salted Peanut Caramel Insert, Alunga 41% Milk Chocolate Cake with Ocoa 70%, again they use all Cacao Barry chocolate in one cake so you can taste many layers of taste in one bite, I love it and this travel cake concept makes this cake is easy to bring and you can enjoy it anytime anywhere. YUM!
Another tempting travel cake by Lady Eve Patisserie is not chocolate based but tea base. Yes, the cake use Earl Grey Tea as the base then filled the inside with cream cheese and coat the outside with Alunga 41% Milk Chocolate and some peanuts to give a crunchy texture. It’s definitely a very delicious cake! So many layers and flavors in this cake, the best thing I can say from this cake is nothing dominate the flavor, the chocolate elevates the taste of tea and vice versa! Two thumbs up for them!
Once again I’m going to tell you that always follow your passion, because only when you truly love what you do the result is outstanding, just like the cake by Lady Eve Patisserie. Now, mark it on your calendar that Lady Eve Patisserie going to open their first store at Ruko The Spring Selatan No.41, Gading Serpong!
Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu
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